Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding an Online Jewish Community

If you've looked through my other posts you see that I tend to reference a lot.  It's a great site, and I think it's a really great place for Jewish thoughts, and more.  However, it's not the only Jewish site on the interwebs.

Some of my other favorites include:
- this is a great site, I find it to be fairly religious, but not to crazy

JewishBoston, my source for Passover hagaddot each year!
 - I don't have their video, but I often find that their explanations are decent.
My Jewish Learning
Jewish Homeschool Blog
Joy of Kosher

Then, sometimes I find a site that just isn't for me.  While I keep it on the radar, is definitely not geared towards my kind of person.  Take this recent article which talks about things you should do during your pregnancy.  Well, as we know, I don't do most of these.  I told you all about my pregnancy well before I was showing to the people in my office.  I don't eat totally kosher except Passover, and don't think I could start while being pregnant. 

However, I do love a few of the thoughts.  Spirtual development is big for me right now.  I'm in a monthly class that I totally love, and would love to invest more time in my spiritual life.  Since the new year we've been doing fairly well in meeting our religious goals, and it's nice to see this time as a chance to really explore more.  This blog has certainly helped with that too.

Emotional health has been a big one for me this pregnancy.  I've found it such a challenge to get through things without stressing, and with EG at home, I'm stressing a lot.  I can go from feeling so fragile I burst into tears, to saying something nasty for no reason at all... really quite ridiculous.  But I am trying.  I can't watch some of the shows I used to (sorry Walking Dead) and I certainly can't see scary movies right now...

So, no matter where you find that inspiration, take it and run with it.  It can be hard to find an online Jewish Community (especially since so many bloggers out there have a christian bent) but I always try to stay invested.

Have any other Jewish resources I should check out?

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