Monday, February 10, 2014

Practices of Pregnancy

Practices of Motherhood

What an amazing concept.  To define what are your basic practices of motherhood.  It's hard to do I think, to determine what, among everything else are your priorities for your children.  For yourself.  About how, when everything seems like it's at the wits end, you can come back to something and focus (well, hopefully some focus).

Being a mother is a complicated job.  It puts you in the position of being seriously responsible.  Yes, you are probably a responsible adult.  But somehow the responsibility of paying the electricity and teaching your child to read just don't match up.

What are my practices of motherhood... I'm not sure I know yet.  I've been a mother a bit over a year, and yet every day I learn something new. To get here, I thought back to my pregnancy.  What were my practices then, and how do those translate.

The practice of acceptable risk:  Knowing that each choice I make is no longer just for my body, but for hers as well.  That there are choices to make everyday with things that used to be simple. Like turkey sandwiches, and soft boiled eggs.  And that I can make these choices using the brains G-d gave me.  And that there are levels, at least for me, of acceptable risk. 

The practice of not thinking about it too soon: this strategy allows us to take each moment as it came.  To revel in the joy of the newness.  Of my body, of the changes.  To wait and consider before putting the entirety of Babies R Us on the registry.  Not stressing when I don't feel the baby the same week as my sister, and knowing that my body changes the way that it does to make my babies.  Not anyone else's babies.

The practice of following the law:  Fiercely.  Especially when it comes to car seats, and dates when one can drink.  The thing is that here at my job I can take a lot of time off.  However, I believe it the spirit of the law. That includes the spirit of FMLA leave and CFRA leave.  Someday I'll write down all that I've learned about those laws, especially for what they mean here in CA.

The practice of forgiveness:  Some nights I'm just tired.  Not a little tired, exhausted.  I can't focus, and I can't seem to be the best mother.  That also means that I need to forgive myself my inabilities.  It's tough to be growing one human and chasing after another.  Some days it's glorious, and others, just let it roll.  Some days I walk really far, others, I barely make dinner.  And that's okay.

The practice of knowledgeable intervention: I generally like doctors, but I also believe that my body is doing what it's naturally supposed to do.  Since I've shared the story of EG's birth, I do believe in medical intervention.  But at the same time I know that in today's world or medical malpractice doctors tend to be over cautious and lean towards using medical interventions.  I believe it's my job as a mother, and since this is my body, to know what my options are, and learn about what is happening to me.

What would be your practices of pregnancy?  Are there things you strive to remember and do?

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