Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentines Day- Crafts for the Kiddos

Ah Valentines Day.  A nebulous historically Christian holiday whose current form is so far from it's religious traditions we're tempted to call it an American Holiday.  With it being on Saturday night this year, the hallmarkism of America went into overdrive. What better time to brave the crazy crowds at a restaurant then this hallow of forced love...

We didn't celebrate Valentines Day yesterday. We sang Shabbat songs and enjoyed time as a family, as we do most Shabbats.  They don't celebrate it in EG's school, but never-the-less, there are a few crafts that I think are PERFECT for the holiday that we did do...


This is a great little thing to do, and I love the idea of making hearts every year to see how the girls have grown.  Sort of like making Christmas ornaments, but not quite as Christian, just fun and nice, and something I can display and they can have as keepsakes.

1 cup salt
2 cups flour
about 1 cup water

Make it into a nice dough, then roll it out or pat it down.  Have the kiddos step into the dough, then cut around it to make a cute heart shape.  You can try to get a bit more of a heart shape out of the feet, but I found that too difficult for me to really do.  Dry overnight, then put in the oven on warm while it dries out.  I think I might paint them once it's dry, and I'll definitely add the date and ages of the kiddos.

This dough is great and easy, and also not something toxic, so totally good for Ocho too!

Here's EG's after she stepped in it....

 And little Ocho feet- this was fun to do, but also really difficult.  I had to have EG distract Ocho with a toy so she wouldn't press her feet into the ground to much. Even like this, it's a bit hard.

The next project is one that we actually did for a Christmas present, but I thought I would finally share it here, since it's perfect for this holiday.  I got the idea from my sister, but it was so much fun making it myself.

The hand is EG's and the footprints are Ochos.  I love that it's both girls together, and though it was a bit hard to get them nice, it turned out really well!  I also LOVE that EG's handprint has a mini heart inside too!

Buy a canvas- I recommend at least 8x10
Get washable fingerpainting paints
Paint onto one hand, press onto canvas
Paint onto one foot at a time, then press onto canvas.

I recommend letting each image dry before adding the next one.

Then just add the "L" and the "E".   So easy and so cute!

The last one is a glitter fest!  EG loves to give hugs and high fives, so this was a 'virtual' hug with her hands that she made.  Then we painted on some glue and made each of her handprints a different glitter color.

Again, doing this project yearly also lets you see how the kiddos grow!

Hope you enjoy these fun projects!

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