Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why Google sometimes stinks

I love my Google account.  I love Gmail, and all that it does for me with organization, it's almost unlimited storage and of course, the fact that it's free.  But sometimes it pisses me off.  Especially when bad things happen.

Take, for instance, me mourning my mom.  I'm writing what should be a happy, inconsequential e-mail about exchanging recipes with friends.  And what does google do?  It asks me if I want to add my mom.  As if I didn't know who I was e-mailing...  Thanks Google. why yes, I would LOVE to e-mail my mom.

But I can't.  Especially about recipes.  One of the things I will never forgive myself for is how many of my mom's recipes are lost to the wind.  Her tzimmus... gone.  She had this great oven potato dish...gone.  Apparently my sister and I had the exact same tasts, since the only recipes we have are ones my mom shent to both of us- her soup, her leftover beef. 

She was an amazing cook, and because I can't call her, I'm writing this e-mail.  Yup, Google, you've hit it on the head exactly.  I did mean my mom.  I really did.

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