Monday, December 15, 2014

Decor for the holidays

You know that we are techincally an Interfaith Family (despite Working Dad's insistence that are aren't).  Since he grew up non-Jewish, we have a lot of family heritage that harkens back to Christmas, and that's something that we try to incorporate into our lives.

For us, that means that we celebrate Christmas with his family every year.  This year we have at least 3 different celebrations, and I'm excited to enjoy them.

However, inside our home we've always just celebrated Chanukah.  It comes with a catch, however.  Since Working Dad is out of his parents home, he was gifted all of his original ornanments- the cute 'babies first Christmas' and other meaningful ornaments from his childhood.  These memories don't just disappear because we don't celebrate Christmas.  And we've since been gifted some lovely Jewish star ornaments as well.

So, we improvise...

I give you our holiday mantel.  It has the family menorah (given to me when I was 13) plus a wooden menorah for EG. A bunch of cute blue and gold/silver ornaments and candles. It can look really pretty when they all have their candles burning.

You can also see off to the side, our celebration of memories.  A wreath that smells nice, brings some of the evergreen home, and also allows us to hang those ornaments that we otherwise wouldn't have a place for.

 Ever since I've known Working Dad he's always had a wreath in his home for the holidays.  Typically you would put one on the front door, but that wouldn't really work with all the delicate ornaments we have decorating ours.

You can see that it's really become a place for everything- and that I've Jew-ified it up quite a bit. We have ornaments that mean a lot to both Working Dad and to me.

What do you do with your Interfaith traditions?  How do you incorporate your family history, while staying true to the religion of you family?

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