Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stitch Fix: A Review

My sister turned me on to this wonderful service called Stitch Fix.  You might have heard of it, but if not here's the quick snap shot.  You fill out a style profile, then a professional stylist sends you outfits and accessories tailored to you.  They send you five items each 'fix' and you can keep as many as you want.  You pay $20 to have the fix sent to you, but the styling fee is deducted if you buy anything.

My first fix came just days after my birthday in October, a late birthday present to myself.  It was full of great things, and I kept two of them.  A skirt and a dress.  The dress in these photos is from my stitch fix.  My sister's dress if from her fix as well.  The family that fixes together, stays together?

Anyways, I wanted to share all the items in my box, so you could really get a feel for it.

This is what the box looks like when it arrives- a little happiness at the doorstep.  Then you open it and it's wonderful inside too!  Wrapped up all nice. They give you a listing of everything in the box, and a note from your Stylist about why she picked items.    Hi Lori!

My favorite part of this is that they show you  how to accessorize and wear the items in your box.  I keep these, and hang them by my mirror in the bedroom for easy reference. When I opened my box I loved everything when I saw it, but putting things on made it a bit different...

First the pants.  I didn't keep them, because they were a bit odd looking around the middle.

Then there was this Geo-print dress. My husband loved it, but it was a bit to low-cut for me. Everything they have been sending has been breastfeeding friendly, but this one was just a bit to much for me.

This dress was also AMAZING!  I almost kept it, but when I looked at myself full-on, it made me look a bit short.  I know that seems weird, but just where the waistline was...

These earrings were just sort of eh for me.  They looked to costumey for my tastes...

This was the dress I'm keeping, and I'm SO EXCITED about it.   It fits my curves, is nursing friendly, shows off what I want, hides when I need it to.  Also easy to dress up and down.  PERFECT!

The prices were in the $70's for the dresses, and $130 for the jeans.  But with my fix money taken out I think the dress I kept was a steal for $50.

Do you want to try it?  Easy clothing straight to your door, brand-name and selected for you.


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