Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dear Disneyland

I think it's time that I wrote to you to express my thanks.  I've been extremely impressed with how you've handled yourselves when it comes to dealing with tiny children. As a mother of two, under two, I feel like I'm your target audience.  I've got two girlie girls who want to dress up like princesses, but still want to fight the good fight as a Jedi Knight.  And you've got me covered there.

Each time I've gone into a restroom I've been pleasantly surprised by freestanding changing tables, equipped with extra paper towels, toilet paper, and a trashcan literally inches from where my baby is.  I can throw away a dirty diaper without ever taking my hands off my kiddo, and that's aces.

We've been bringing both kiddos together, which is a lot of work.  However, despite the fact that my littlest is just a tiny tiny, you've managed to have enough for her to enjoy, even from the seat of her Lillebaby carrier.

From parades, to rides, she has a ton of fun.  Even when she's sleeping she can still go on It's a small world, and nursing in the darkness of Pirates is a truly awesome experience.

While you have candy looking at my kiddo at every turn, I've been impressed with the meal selections for the little ones.  While I generally hate on kids meals, you have them including carrots and apple slices, as well as a milk option at every restaurant we've been to, so you get some kudos there as well.  Ample high chairs means we've never been stuck waiting while everyone else is eating.

Then there's the kiddo corner at the end of Main Street.  Since discovering this spot, it's been the talk of the town for my older daughter.  She's potty training, so she loves to insist that we go to the 'her size' potty.  And since it's so centrally located we can walk over in between a ride on the carousel and waiting in line for Dumbo without much fuss.  It's such a cozy space for my nursing baby too- comfy wicker chairs, and those coat hooks for mommies- almost perfect in every way.  The staff is great, it smells nice and seems so clean.  Books and a cute movie in the A/C- perfect on those hot days.

But then we get to Disney's California Adventure- and everything takes a step back.  I'll hand it to you- you were really smart when you decided to put Frozen Fun in DCA.  It meant that a trip to D-land virtually has to include DCA if you really want to 'Let it Go'.  And when it comes to that-you  did it right.

The way you orchestrate the visits with Elsa and Anna- pure genius.  My little girls feel loved, and honored and like they are the most important people in the world in that moment.  Really, they do.

It's just such a shame that you totally screwed it up in terms of amenities.  Let's chat for a moment about the Kids support area in DCA.  It's a mockery of the Disneyland version.  You walk inside and it feels cold, and hollow.  A mishmash of inconsequential furniture, without a care to the love of kids.  No books on the tables, no cozy kids size rocking chair here...

Then we get to the changing table area.  Smell and dirty feeling.  The worst version of a cheap Craigslist changing table I can imagine.  Practically not sturdy enough for my little 7-month old, let alone how I would feel about putting my almost three-year old on it.  Then I need to nurse, and it just gets worse.  Two chairs behind a gross shower curtain.  That curtain the only thing separating me from the kids potties.  

Picture this- me, my baby, and a 3 year old screaming his head off about wanting to try to aim his pee himself.  Don't worry- he can do it!  But me, I just can't.  The smell, the noise- just horrendous.  I feel like I'm nursing in a bathroom.  I'd rather be in the heat then trying to make this work out.  The chairs are the worst version of awful too... whoever bought those must never have been a nursing mother.  Armrests in exactly the most annoying spot possible to make it uncomfortable to hold up a child to the breast.

So, Disneyland- we will keep on coming, and DCA (aka the unloved step-child), I will try hard not to hold it against you.  

Lets hope that at some point you decide that DCA matters too, and spread a little bit of the charm it's way....

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  1. I hope someone from the Disneyland administrative team actually reads this well thought out review!


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