Sunday, March 8, 2015

OMG- Passover is coming!

Okay, now that we've wrapped up Purim, it's officially time to start freaking out about Passover.  Today, we did our weekly grocery shopping trip, and dear hubby reminded me that this was not the time to be stocking up on Polenta.

So, here's the beginning of what to do now that Passover is the next Jewish Holiday on the calendar.

1.  Stop buying bread products.  As Working Dad pointed out, this is not the time to stock up on chicken noodle soup, polenta, or regular coca-cola.  In fact, it's time to start looking through the cupboards to eat all that stock-up that you can.  Not only does this mean that you won't end up with Macaroni and cheese that expired in 2010, but it means that you can start to be a bit creative and inventive with that Hametz.  Noodle casserole anyone...?

2. Find the Passover Dishes.  Tales are told about children being sent to the basement to dig out the Passover dishes, but it doesn't have to be like that. Lots of people don't have Passover dishes, but maybe it's time you thought about getting some.  Maybe these adorable frog dishes will make you take the leap.  You're not supposed to use your regular dishes because, regardless of milk or meat, you likely have hametz on them.  Take the leap :-)

3. Figure out where you will be.  Okay, maybe it's to early to menu plan, but it's not to early to decide where you want to be for the holiday.  Especially this year since it's Passover and Shabbat all at the same time. Not to mention that it's also Easter the next day.  With Passover on a Friday/Saturday night it makes it easier for some families to host the meal- given that they don't have to cook on a work night.  That also might mean that a typical tradition (grandma's house) might give way to a new generation (your house...?)

4. Start telling the story.  Yes, we go over much of the story on the night of Passover with our children, but if there is one thing we know its that children need to hear something more than once to remember it.  So, bring out all those PJ Library books you've been recieving over the years.  Dig out the items of Passover a bit before the holiday begins, so when you finally get to the seder, your children are revisiting the tale, not hearing it the first time.

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