Monday, May 4, 2015

A house- not a home

When we decided to move, our realtor (who is really great) convinced us we needed to stage our home.  I always knew that we would have to declutter, remove some furniture (who are we kidding, we've always had to much furniture), and simplify our lives.

With Working Dad already living full time in Orange County, and me living their almost as much, packing a lot of the stuff we don't use/need daily made a lot of sense.  That way I wouldn't be stuck doing it all alone during the weeks during a rush of time before we need to vacate our sold house.

I never realized how difficult it would be psychologically.  As well as how difficult it would be with a tiny 9-month old who is totally crawling and beginning to stand-up to walk. 

I've worked hard to make my house totally kiddo friendly.  I made the entire front living room a playspace for the kids.  Most people look at this and think we're crazy, but it was a great way for the kids to play while I was in eye view but doing things. 

Add to that the incredible number of projects I'm always working on: Scrapbooking/Project Life, sewing quilts, baby cross stitch, fixing diapers, etc. and it's so difficult to keep it all tidy and clean.

We're at this point where the house isn't really ours.  Where we've gotten rid of so many of the things that makes our house comfortable.  Where I'm nervous to let my children play and enjoy themselves because who knows what might happen to them. 

By by playspace.  Hello dining room.  Also known as by by sanity, safety and roaming around for my poor little Ocho. 

They say that staging a home makes it sell faster, and for a higher dollar amount then not doing it.  I'm hopeful that it's true.  Because I can't wait to feel like I have my house back, and I really can't wait until I don't have this house any longer...

Have you moved with Kiddos?  Thoughts on staging the house?  How do you keep it clean to let people see it? What about naps?  The questions are endless....


  1. And then there are those sharp corners on that familiar glass "table of death"...........AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!

  2. We moved w/ our 2 year old last summer. House hunting with a little one wasn't easy. Thankfully the realtor's office had a bunch of toys. We didn't stage our old home. It sold in a week nonetheless.

  3. Funny how this room reminds me of my granddaughter's room. We redecorated it to accommodate her other cousins. We had to do a minor shift in my daughter's living room space or else it would've looked like a "war zone" every time you walked in there. The beautiful thing about downsizing is that it doesn't cost anything. I'm all for re-situating when you have to.

    Jefferson @ T.J. Lamb Real Estate


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