Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kidnapping Kids

Have you been following the Joey Salads viral video about child abductions?  If you haven't it's likely because you haven't been on facebook today because that video is everywhere.

I am a free-range parent.

I acknowledge that my children can talk to strangers.  In fact, they see me talking with strangers ALL THE TIME.  The person at the grocery store, the guy at Home Depot this morning with the doggies. 

I don't teach my kids not to talk to strangers.

I teach my children that they cannot go anywhere without talking to me. That includes the next door neighbors house (not strangers), the backyard (totally fenced in), and the front yard (no fence) without my knowing about it.  That they can talk to anyone they want to, but they may not leave the area we have discussed without talking to me first. 

I really want to address the statement he makes at the end of the video, about how 700 kids are abducted each day.  This is CRAZY!  There are less than 150 stranger child abductions a year.  Yup- that's right.  Less than 150 kids A YEAR are taken by strangers.  Most of the child abductions that occur are not by true strangers.  43% are by female relatives (aka moms?) and another 20% are by acquaintances (coaches, teachers, babysitters, neighbors).

Want the real truth on child abductions?

PS- back to you Joey, for just a moment. Don't you think it's possible that these kids saw you talk to their moms?  Don't you also think that they looked at their moms, and expected their moms to intervene if there was a problem- as a social 'experiment' this stunk!

PPS- Joey is a comedian who does pranks, so I'm not thinking he's a great resource for parenting advice...

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