Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Babies and Brides

Does it ever seem like the cycle of life is threatening to nip at your heels?

This past week we've received 3 save the dates, 4 bridal shower invitations, and have heard about two baby showers.  Maybe we're just too social, but at some point I thought that all of these were going to stop.  Not that I'm unhappy, it's just that it's so much work.

My current big project is the bridal shower we'll be throwing for our cousin R, who is getting married in May.  We've chosen the date, and now I'm trying to work out the invitations.

The event will be held at a local tea house in Orange County. Tea, scones, etc.  Should be a really really cute event.  The colors of the wedding are blue, gold and purple (the colors of their college's together).

But my question is, what do I do for the invitations.  I love the idea of this:

From Here

But how can I really make that work?  I love the delicacy of the white paper doily, it's just so quaint and cute.  But do I do a colored doily to really get at her wedding colors?  Do I just do bold paper, maybe a purple page with a blue one inside of it, then a printed white sheet?  So many questions, so many design decisions...

What do you think?  Purple?  Blue?  Gold?  I could get a colored doily?  Or is it too much and I should stick with something slightly more classic.

Vacation pictures coming tomorrow, at least that's the goal!

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