Monday, January 13, 2014

When it rains

When it rains, it pours.  That's seemed very true in our household as of late.  Ever since the beginning of November we've been struggling to get our from under one cloud or another.

On Friday I told you about our terrible journey back to the west coast.  But, we made it.

However, I didn't tell you about my trip to the Emergency Room with little EG.  We spent 6 hours in the ER this past Friday, culminating in me singing Shabbat songs in the pharmacy...

Oh the things you'll do..

EG had a 104.1 fever when she was at school.  Not able to find an urgent care, or get an appointment (don't even get me started on the 45 minute wait to hear from a nurse on the phone!) I did the only thing I could do with my little girl.  Headed to the emergency room.

I was blessed to find a parking spot, and walked right in with her.  Her ashen face, her weezing coughs and her body temperature so so high.

They took us almost immediately right back, but as you know, in an ER visit going to the back is just the beginning.  From there we got Motrin, finally met a doctor who ordered a breathing treatment and a chest X-ray.

What a horrible moment.  The first time I had to 'sacrifice' one child for the good of the other: EG's X-ray.  I couldn't be in there with her, holding her, carressing her.  With the new baby inside of me the risks to my unborn child were just to great.  The X-ray techs were wonderful, but I felt so terrible when they strapped her little body to that plastic board and secured her legs and arms.  So terrible.

Luckily she responded well to the breathing treatment (Even put the plastic piece in her mouth for a bit!) and finally the tylenol brought her fever down.

What would follow was a few nights of exhaustion, fitful sleeping and general unhappiness in the household.  When Working Dad and I are prepared for a miserable night we do a good divide and conquer.  But g-d forbid you catch us off guard (as happened last night!) and it's just total hell.

She's on the mend, though I'm not sure what my poor body is really doing anymore...

But no, it's still raining out here in the south bay- at least on top of my house.

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