Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hand Food Mouth

We thought we were done with crazy medical issues and to much going on.  Cue EG's moment to get sick.  Not just a little sick, but I-can't-go-to-school-for-a-week sick.

EG has been diagnosed with Hand Foot Mouth disease.  Those of you qho don't know it might immediately think that EG has Mad Cow.  Nope, totally not related.  HFM is a common viral disease that goes through toddlers.  It usually involved a fever, possibly some dietary problems (EG didn't eat/drink much, plus she had diarhea) and then evolves into a yucky rash over the (you guessed it!) hands, feet and mouth.

It's especially sucky because the sores in the mouth can be very painful for children, and definitely restrict their desires to eat/drink foods.  Of course in EG's case it could also be that I served lemon chicken for dinner last night.  Poor girl, what an awesome mommy.

This has been our first week of experience with her needing to be out all week long.  And we've learned clearly that we don't have enough support/emergency back-up to cover that situation.

My MIL has shingles right now (yes the chicken pox derivitive) so she's out for baby watching.  My Dad has standing plans M-W, with bridge, bowling and teaching a class.  So, that's not a great source either.  Add to that the fact that my parents are leaving to go out of the country next week and they aren't really in a sitting mood.

So Working Dad didn't do any work on Monday.  He also took some time off this morning to facilitate our child care arrangements.  I took half of Monday, half-day Tuesday, and all-day Wednesday.  Add to that the time I had taken on Friday afternoon to pick her up from school early, and it was quite a work-free week.

I did try to take advantage and laid out some water play for EG on Tuesday.  Our regular babysitter C took over in the afternoon, and EG had a good time dumping and playing with the 'wa-wa.'  Additionally I took EG on Wednesday to the Aquarium of the Pacific.  You may think I'm a bad mom for potentially exposing others, but we had to do something.  We have a membership, so it's cheap, easy entertainment.  And on a Wednesday at 9am we were one of about 3 kids there.  Nice!

Poor girl, at least it's almost over!

all over her mouth, poor girl...

Her feet took the longest time to heal!

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