Thursday, March 13, 2014

Purim Hamentaschen

Do you make Hamentaschen?  I've tried, several times over the years, to make something delicious that didn't end up coming out of the oven with the filling oozing out the sides..

Wait- let me back up- do you know what Hamentaschen are?  They are delicious triangle cookies with something delicious in them.  Here's one:

Photo by Grongar
Doesn't that one look just yummy!  Traditional fillings include poppy seeds, prunes, and apricots.  Typically you make a bunch then send them out as gifts to other people you know, sharing the Purim joy.

Like I said, I've tried to make them.  And while I'd like to say it's easy, for me it's been rough.  Some years I try to get creative, like Nutella filled ones.  They ended up very dry and kind of tasteless.  Then I tried the traditional route, but all I got were poppy seeds all over the house, and some not so yummy cookies.

So, this year it's time to try again. I think I say that every year.  Only this year I think that little EG might be big enough to help.  I'm not a crazy wild woman, but after dinner sometime this week I'm going to attempt to make Hamentaschen with EG.  She can help me mix, and since we'll be heading for a bath at 6:45pm anyways, any mess she gets all over herself will just go down the drain... I hope....

Here are a few resources I'm using this year:

Overtime Cook Round-up
-especially the savory ones she mentions, dinner on Tuesday anyone?
- I will also be using her tips here to try and make mine stay together!
-Her basic recipe is here, but check them all out

I think it's apropos that I'm trying to follow a new recipe this week, especially given the Parasha we have in Vayikra.  No, Leviticus doesn't much go into baking, but rather we see a specific set of rules and order to sacrifice on these pages.  Do this, then this- eat this, don't touch that, etc.  It can get a bit tiresome, but that's sort of the way it is with baking.  As Alton Brown has taught us, the science behind the baking can't be ignored. A little too much flour, not enough baking powder, all heck breaks loose with our dough.  Maybe it's the same with Vayikra- follow the story, follow G-d to understand what's right and wrong.  We don't sacrifice animals anymore, but still Vayikra shows us the way.

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