Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I don't normally post a plea or a medical topic on this blog, but I'm amazed at the reports coming out about measles here in southern California.  As a mom to EG, who has her vaccine, and a pregnant mommy expecting in July, I am just aghast at the idea that my newest child will be exposed to the measles here in the US.

Not only is there an outbreak in CA, but there is also one in NYC.

I don't know where you stand on vaccines.  Honestly, I can't even believe I wrote that.  Where you stand?!  I can't believe there is a place to stand other than with protecting your child from a deadly disease that is totally preventable.

Last week my boss here at UCLA had his 1 year old son stop breathing and turn blue from his vaccines.  He was part of the 1/3000 people who have this severe reaction.   And he's fine.  Yes, he went to the hospital.  No, it wasn't fun, but does his family wish they hadn't vaccinated...?  No.  They have family from Mexico and other parts of Central America where Measles is still rampant.  According to the WHO report 330 people a DAY die of measles. 

WHO would like to see measles eliminated.  But how are we, one of the world's leading countries in terms of health access and understanding, doing to help the cause if we've allowed a previously non-existent disease to run rampant again.


  1. I stand right where you do in vaccines, but I'm not a mother. I know that some people believe vaccines will lead to autism, but that had in no way been correlated and had mostly been shown to be ludicrous.

    I do know of a certain someone whose "baby mama" thought that giving their son vaccines would in some way allow more government regulation and control over his life on a cellular level.

  2. As a scientist, as an auntie to your beautiful EG, and hopefully as a future mommy, thank you! Vaccines save lives :)


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