Tuesday, March 11, 2014

R-E-S-P-E-C-T... find out what it means to me

I have a few pet peeves.  I love my daughter.  I don't mind kids on airplanes, and I honestly have no issue with you taking your two-year old to the fancy schmancy restaurant that I'm eating at.  Yes, I may have left mine at home, but you don't have to, and that's totally cool with me.  But let me tell you a thing or two about RESPECT...

1. You and your child should knock on a bathroom door.  Yes, I know it seems so much easier to just pull the handle.  Yes, I realize you can't always stop a 2 year old from looking under the door.  But YOU are an adult.  and YOU are supposed to be raising an adult.  So why are you looking for my shoes under the door?  Why are you pulling on the handle?  And for G-d's sake, once you do peek under the door or pull on the handle can't you at least tell the next person who  comes up while you are still standing there that it's occupied, so I don't have to endure the rattling of my bathroom door more than once?

2. You should not allow your 'bear' (aka growling child), to come running up to my dining table and growl at me.  Yup, you read that right.  Growling at me. At dinner.  No, I didn't make eye contact or say how cute...  I was just eating my dinner.  I understand that it's hard for kids to sit still at a restaurant sometimes.  I understand that imaginative play is fun, and enjoyable.  I encourage it.  But don't make it involve me.

3. Use the crosswalk. What are you teaching your child about running across the street...?  Yes, I realize that this is your town, you grew up here, you know it's safe.  Is that the point?  I thought the point was to teach the young person you are rearing that rules apply to all of us and that safety is something you think about consciously everyday.  Is the extra 5 minutes to walk to the crosswalk going to ruin your commute to the library or back to your car?  Just do it.

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