Thursday, April 10, 2014

Songs for Passover

As I'm getting ready for my Toddler Passover seder I've been not only cutting down and altering the text of my Haggadah, but I've also been trying to find some additional musical resources to add to the evening.


There are lots of traditional songs in the Passover seder, including Kadesh Urchatz, Ma Nishtana, Dayeinu, and Eliahu Hanavi.   And while these are great, there are also lots of new, updated and modern songs that the kids can enjoy.  Bang Bang, Lotsa Matza, and the Frogs song to name just a few.  Not from when we were kids, but still rather fun.  I'm using the Bang Bang song during the seder, and I plan to play Lotsa Matza after dinner before we get into dessert/seder part 2.  I'm planning to seat everyone at the table while we sing Dayeinu.  That way we're all entertained, we can all chat/get our kids settled without having to worry to much about interrupting the 'flow.'

Here's what will be a part of my Musical Seder celebration:
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I've also downloaded a lot of the more traditional Passover songs from the Jewish Birth Network. While I love Shira Kline (I won all her CD's), her melodies are a little bit more exciting, and interactive than I wanted for the most traditional songs.  I also love the Jewish Birth Network's version of the Bang Bang Hammer song, since the kids have been learning that one at school.

I've also downloaded a few videos, just in case the kids get a bit ancy and need some private time. 

Of course, I have the old standby- Shalom Sesame.  I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but if nothing else I'm hoping it can help me keep EG calm while I'm getting the house ready on Tuesday.

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Are you having a more musical Seder?  Do you like the traditional melodies, or are you branching outside the box to explore a little more this year?

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