Friday, May 2, 2014

Choosing the Good

A few days ago I got the 'dreaded phone call' from EG's school.  They had determined that she was sick and needed to get picked up.  On the one hand, it was decent timing.  I wasn't at work, as I'm out on maternity medical leave, and so I didn't have to rush away from any meetings or get anything covered.  On the other hand, being on medical leave means that I need extra rest/less stress.  Having a sick kid certainly doesn't sit well on the second level.

There are two options when you have a sick kid.   Make the most of it and try to enjoy what is precious time you end up having with your child.  Or cater to the misery and suffer.  I always try to choose the first option.  Here are my Top 5 stuck at home with a sickie activities:

1. Water Table/Water fun:


Playing outside even when baby is sick can give your kid the feeling of being okay.  In this case EG had gotten sent home from school just before they were going to play in the inflatable tub, so she didn't get to play with her friends.  Putting out the hose, the buckets and some toys really helped her have a good time.  Plus we got to end the event with a nice shower/bath- great for getting out the snot and being relaxing before naptime. (of course, as with every child, sun hat, protective clothing and lots of sunscreen *see EG's chalky white legs*)

2. Play dress-up, use what you've got:

Even if that's a hat and a jacket with your pajamas before breakfast in the morning.  Darling EG loves to wear jackets and hats, and we can easily get distracted for about 30 minutes or so trying on different jackets and hats.  Mommy's shoes work well too! We keep all of her Halloween costumes, so even though she can't wear them, it's nice to have them to play with...

3. Contact Paper on a window:

by Nongbri Family Pix cc
This can be very fun for the kiddos, EG loves to do it at school and I recently got more supplies, so I'm sure we'll be doing it again sometime soon.  You take a piece of contact paper (sticky shelf paper) that's clear, hang it from the window (it clings easily) and let the kids decorate it with tissue paper.

4. NAP

Sick kiddos should be doing this anyways, but how often do you get to nap with your kiddo anymore.  I know that I don't.  But you are home, you are here, you might as well take advantage!

5. Visit to the Doctor

This seems like a to-do, not a toddler activity that will keep baby entertained, but taking the kiddo to the doctor is a place she can get out to and you don't have to worry about her getting anyone else sick.  Not to mention the fact that it's a new and interesting place, and there are lots of fun things to play with/look at at the office.  Talk up the visit to the Dr, EG loves to go.  She gets a sticker and to play with the sticks they put in your mouth.

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