Friday, May 9, 2014

Lag B'Omer

If you've been counting along with your Omer count, you've realized that we're getting to the middle of our count, and we've just about hit the downward slide. Once we hit the downward slide, we'll be coming upon a holiday known as Lag B'Omer.

Traditionally celebrated with bonfires, it's sort of like the first holiday of the summer.  It marks the 33rd Day of the Omer count, and is a sort of step away from the more traditional stoicism of the count.  In reality, it's an odd sort-of-holiday.  It doesn't have any references in the Torah, it's unclear what, exactly, it's marking.  But I say any chance to use my fire and make some S'mores is alright by me!

This year the Chabad of the Beach Cities is hosting a BBQ bonfire at Valley park on May 18th.  Since the event is on a Sunday, it's a nice opportunity to get out and have some fun.

If you want something larger, this might be just the ticket:

This is a Jewish Unity project, and a great festival of Jewish pride in the Los Angeles area.  It's sure to be TONS of fun, and lots of excitement.  It's definitely a more religious celebration (coordinated and hosted by Chabads) but it should be fun for everyone.   Plus a visit to the Pico area is always a good time for food, shopping and adventures.

But let's imagine for a moment that you are tired.  That this mother's day weekend actually took a lot of planning, and you want to settle in for a relaxing day.  I say, plan yourself a nice picnic and take it down to the beach, or the park.

A few ideas to get you started:

Design Megillah Picnic

Some suggestions from Joy of Kosher:

Are you going to do anything for Lag B'Omer?  Anything suddenly pop into mind?

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