Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Re-do's and Do New for Baby #2

There have been a lot of people having a B2 around my world, and I thought I would share some of the things we're excited to be doing come round 2, and some of the things we've learned along the way to do differently. 

AGAIN- Angel Care Video Monitor:  We're planning to move over EG's monitor to the new babies room.  It has all the features we want in a monitor, from ensuring that B2 is breathing, to showing us the room temperature.  It also includes a wonderful VOX feature, which we use constantly.  It helps ensure that we hear what we need to hear, but not what we don't.  We got the free cord cover kit that fixes the recent recall issue, which I wasn't honestly too concerned about anyways...

Do NEW- Two Pads from AngelCare: We've heard that you can get a second pad and an adapter to make them work together.  With darling EG we stopped using the sensor part when she was still fairly young due to false alarms and her wiggly little squirmy self.  This time I'm working with Angelcare directly to get the second pad.  They were so helpful when our video screen stopped working, and I've loved their customer service.

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 AGAIN- Arms Reach Co-Sleeper:  I love, love loved having EG at arms reach during the night, and it made it really easy to breastfeed throughout the night.  I would be lying if I said she peacefully slept the whole night in the co-sleeper (it's possible that she never did) but having that extra space besides the bed really made the bed feel safer, with more space than without it.  I didn't have to worry about her rolling out of bed, because the co-sleeper was there.  It fits perfectly between the wall and our bed, so we'll be setting it up again.

Do New- Sound Machine: We got one for our room, and one for EG's room and we think they've been a big hit in keeping the house moving along.  I even managed to do some construction in the guest/kids bathroom while EG was sleeping thanks to this guy.  He's crazy small, so he's easy to bring with us on trips, and offers a range of noises.  You turn the base and the top to adjust the way it sounds, and since it's literally air moving around, it doesn't become monotonous the way a recorded sound can.
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Again- Baby Bjorn:  Working Dad and I both loved carrying around EG in the Baby Bjorn.  We'd often take long walks to dinner while EG would nap in the carrier.  We'd eat, walk home, and she'd wake up for her evening marathon nursing session.  She liked facing forward, I liked how easy and secure I felt with her strapped away.

Do New- Lillebaby:  This isn't a huge necessity, but with the Baby Bjorn I felt that she started to get to heavy at about 15lbs.  My back really started to strain, so it was limited to Daddy carrying her around.  Now I'll have two littles to worry about, and since I got the Lillebaby EG has been LOVING being carried around in it.  She asks to go in Mommy's backpack... Working Dad has the Kelty kids carrier, which is great for hiking and longer days, but sometimes she just wants to be held.  This way I have an option that supports my back better when B2 gets to be bigger.  I chose the Lillebaby because it allows me to wear the baby in just about every direction.

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Again- BumGenius Cloth Diapers: We still have quite the stash of EG's cloth diapers, and she still uses them at school.  I like how easy they are, and that they have a wide range of colors, etc.  When she's wearing them I don't feel like she needs a diaper cover under a dress- in fact the picture of her with my Dad from a few days ago is a BumGenius diaper and a shirt.  However, it would be a lie to say they have been wonderful since she's been on real food, and that she never leaks out of them.  I had to have BG replace almost all of them before the end of year one, and since we're nearing the end of year two, I've thrown out at least tow.

Do New- GroVia Hybrid Diapers:  My Sister-in-Law has some of these for her newest addition, and seeing them in action makes me want to add them to my 'stash.'  What I'm most excited about are the snap-in liners and the fact that there is a lining all the way to the edge with fabric.  The updated version of BumGenius has exposed PUL inside, and I don't like that.  Additionally I can bleach/soak the liners more and still have covers for the baby, especially when dealing with solid poop. I also love the idea of using a throwaway liner.  We put EG in disposables overnight (which we'll do with B2 as well) but this makes travel that little bit easier too!

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So that's what we're thinking so far.  Any thoughts on things you would have done differently, or are planning to do differently for baby #2?

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