Thursday, September 19, 2013

Date Night!

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Tuesday night Working Dad and I went out on a date night.  We went to the Kings/Ducks hockey game down in Anaheim.  While it's not the most romantic date, it was a chance to get out, have some time together, and watch the Ducks play terribly...

It can be so hard to try to maintain date nights.  The couple we went to the game with hadn't been out on a date night in almost 6 years!  6 years!  That's too long folks, just way to long.

Sometimes it seems that taking a date night isn't worth the effort.  Finding a babysitter you trust is a lot of work, even with or UrbanSitter.  Then there's making arrangements for food, for little ones and possibly the sitter too!  Not to mention the exhorbitant costs that can go along with hiring a sitter.  What seems like a cheap movie goes from a $25 date, to a $70 or higher with babysitting costs.

Seems like I'm making a great case for staying home, huh?

I'm not, I promise.  At the foundation of your family is the relationship that existed before you had children.  That of husband and wife (in our case, maybe in yours it's husband and husband, or husband and 5 wives).  If the foundation of your relationship isn't strong, how can you expect the rest of the house to be strong.

In Judaism we make our lifetime commitment to each other under a chuppah.  The Chuppah is meant to portray an image of our home, and the home that we will create together.  We create a home when the two of us made a commitment.  We make our own family-of-choice.  And every time that we choose to honor that family, and honor that commitment by putting our partners or spouses first, we choose to add value to our children's lives.

We know how hurt children are from divorce.  We know how run down we can be when we don't have time to recharge.  So take charge, make the choice.

Go on a date night :-)

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