Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Field Trip: Skirball Center

EG loved the food area
I took Exuberant Girl to the Skirball Center just before she turned one years old. I know, you are definitely thinking that it's to go somewhere like that, but actually we found it fantastic.  Besides which, I'd already taken her to the Norton Simon, so at least the Skirball had child friendly moments.

For those of you who don't about the Skirball center it's a Jewish cultural center that centers on Judaism and American Democracy.  Most people know about it because of their awesome permanent exhibit, Noah's Ark.

And what an exhibit it is!  They take found objects, from cans and wood and tires, etc and create a whole world for kids to play in.  While definitely on the young side EG had a great time.
EG and the Gorillas
 You start the exhibit talking about how to interact, and learning a few 'ground rules.'  Then you go in and make the storm.  Amazing rain machines, building the ark, and getting all the animals inside.  From there you are 'on the ark.'  EG loved the kitchen area, playing with the fake food.  There is an awesome climbing section for the older kids, and these amazing monkeys (forgive the terrible pictures).  The last space is where the rain has stopped and the rainbow comes out.  They have story time and puzzles, great for a wind down.

Why hello little fox puppet, nice to meet you!
While EG definitely enjoyed it, she was also totally crawling and in the beginning stages of starting to walk.  There were lots of people there with sibling groups, but those babies to young to be put down definitely didn't have an experience.

You get two hours in the space, and it ends up being enough time.  It's busy in the morning, then lots of people leave to accommodate afternoon naps.  So if you can get in around 1pm or so, totally worth it.

We finished off our visit with lunch on the back patio.  You can bring in food with you, so no need to buy anything to expensive.

We will definitely be going back.  I can't wait to take EG with her nieces and nephews. Part of the great experience would be doing it together with older/younger kids.

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