Friday, November 15, 2013

Crazy days

This has been one of the craziest weeks.  We've been hit with things from all sides.  Let's start at the beginning:

I was out from work last week, and trying unsuccessfully to manage all the work chaos from home.  We had two events happening this month, and none of them were going smoothly. 

Working Dad has started the budgeting process.  If any of you are in finance at all, you know how stressful and crazy this is.  He was working hard to implement a new system (read software program) into the company before budgeting.  However, he was unsuccessful.  So, back to the old excel model we go... crazy town.

EG contracted Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  Anyone with an infant knows that this is a fairly common illness, and honestly, it's not to bad for what it could be.  She's in good spirits during the day, and napping well.  Nighttime, however, is a different screaming story.  She's been awake every few hours, and I've only managed about 3 solid hours each night.

To add to the crazy we've had a bunch of changes in events I'm working on at UCLA.   We were supposed to have an event next week, but it's totally gone crazy.  Between venue/date changes, speaker changes, etc. Then, they decide to just cancel the whole thing... grrr!

This weekend we also had a Bat Mitzvah Havdalah ceremony.  While it was lovely, sick kid plus things to do aren't exactly making things easy...

So, whats up with you?

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