Friday, November 8, 2013

Differing Parental Philosophies

I've been reading a lot of parenting books (see, here's the proof!).  As I read each of them, I'm again struck by two things:
  1. That each culture does have a similar expectation for their children, and that it can be seen, studied and reviewed.
  2. That each parent/child relationship is unique, and what works for one person/group may not work for the others.

No where is this more apparent than in the chore/expectation sector of the world.  Who does what?  How do we breakdown the items that no one gets paid for, the laundry, the dishes, the chores.  The drudgery that keeps a house running forward.

While we've already discussed chores some on this blog, I thought that this article was worth reading.  It's interesting to see just how much chores and helping out are predicated on a national level.  That the expectations of one culture is very different than another.

I'm finishing up 'Blessing of a Skinned Knee,' which focuses it's ideas on a Jewish perspective.  Hopefully it will have something nice to add to the conversation.

As EG is nearing in on 2 years old, I'm amazed at the things she's learned.  She knows where the trash can is, and she is capable of doing so much more than I think we ask of her.  It's hard though, to facilitate her being able to do things herself.

One step at a time, right?


  1. Great article, I couldn't agree more and it was a helpful reminder of not only the type of parent I want to be but also the type of family I want to live with

    1. Thanks, it's sometimes hard to have these discussions, but I think it's good to clarify everyone once in awhile where you stand, and where you are going!


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