Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Leaving the baby behind

Have you left your child while you went out of town?  We are contemplating leaving EG for about 5 days while we go to a wedding in Miami.

I can't decide what's the right thing to do.  We've traveled with EG before and I didn't really find it to stressful.  To be honest, the most stressful part was being with my own parents...

However, this is for a wedding.  And before we get to the wedding we have some appointments that she can't attend.  She is, however, invited to the wedding.

Have you left your child for a few days?  I'm so worried that she might not know me, or love me as much when I return.  I'm sure that's silly, but there it is.  That somehow while I'm gone she will be forgetting me.  Such a silly thought.

The plan would be to take her to school like normal, then have her picked up by Grandpa.  She would spend two nights with my in-laws, then two nights with my parents before being brought back home to sleep in her own bed.

I realize it's a lot of people for her to deal with/get used to.  But at the same time, I don't know that either set of grandparents is really ready to take that much responsibility and take care of her 24-hours for 5 days.  That's a lot of time and effort.

I do think it might be easier on her, overall, if we leave her behind.  It's not just about the travel, etc, but it's the time change, the driving, all the additional details that would go into this trip.  Not to mention the enjoyment that Working Dad and I might not have if she's with us.  Though I love her dearly, I know that we will enjoy the wedding more if we are there without her.

Thoughts? Comments? 

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