Wednesday, November 13, 2013


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 We've talked about shopping for it, but are you embracing it at your dining room table?

Initially I was hesitant.  Honestly, I was livid.  Combine them!?!  No WAY...

But then I found out how rare this event truly is.  And how my sister will be in town for it, and it's nice to have everyone together.

Since then, we've been struggling.  It's easy to think about decor- pumpkin light, star light, pumpkin light, star light.  Cut out Jewish Starts on some gourds.  Fill your baskets with gilt... but what about the food.

Thanks BuzzFeed!  You are awesome!  Here is the menu.

Here are a few additional ideas:
Sweet Potato Latkes.  I know they say it's to hard to change the traditional, but honestly. these are good.  I am also a fan of
Zucchini Latkes.  These are delicious as well.  If you do them as appetizers, then you don't have to worry about the age-old problem of how to keep them tasting delicious when you fry them to far in advance.  Fry them up as people walk in the door.  You know how good they taste right out of the fryer... it's almost torture to have to wait for them to hit the table!

Main Course:
I'm in love with their Challah Stuffing recipe.  It would be very easy to do with olive oil or margarine... that way you could still be kosher.
I think they left out the totally necessary crescent rolls.  These don't have butter or dairy!

For Dessert try these:
Pumpkin Donuts- get a little more fried food into your Chanukah, and a bit of tradition into your Thanksgiving.

For our table (which is being hosted by my parents), we've decided to go traditional with the main dinner, then open presents and enjoy a Chanukah dessert of donuts.  Yummy....

What's your plan?

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