Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving- or just linner on any other day.

On this day of Thanksgiving, when we are all eating ourselves into a stupor of exhaustion, I can't help but think about what we send to school everyday for lunch.  What our children are eating on an average day, not on the day when we all stay in the kitchen slaving away over a particularly delicious, yet high in calories treat called Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving is like many across the country.  A cross between lunch and dinner. Which of course makes it incredibly challenging to feed your little ones.  Our little EG usually eats at around 8am (breakfast), 10am (milk/bottle), then again at noon (lunch).  She has a small snack around 3pm, then eats dinner between 5:30-6pm.  That's it for that.  So what to do when the family Thanksgiving is at 3pm?  I'll let you know how it went.

Have you seen this story?  It's making it's way around the Facebook, but I find it particularly interesting.  As you know, EG goes to a Jewish daycare at the JCC in the Beach Cities.  Since they are an orthodox establishment, they don't allow you to send any meat in with your child's lunch or snack.  They are a dairy only establishment (makes sense with infants and formula/whole milk.)

According to the Canadian authorities, EG has never had a complete and adequate lunch since she started eating at 6 months old.  What's a mother to do?

I already have a hard time figuring out what to send EG for lunch.  Here's a snapshot of one morning's mealplan.

Of course, this covers breakfast, lunch and a snack before she comes home for dinner.  You'll also notice that EG would have been fed Ritz Crackers too.  We don't send in any complex carbs, because they routinely give her cherrios and graham crackers at school.  You know how babies are, they see one kid with something, they want it too.

Of course, that happens at home as well... EG loves to come up to you and ask for your food whenever you are eating... no matter what it is.

Glad we don't have those requirements here in the states.  I don't need that extra morning stress!

What about this?  The article makes me think exclusively about McDonalds, and I scoff to myself thinking that our dear EG hasn't eaten MickyD's more than 4 times in her entire life.  Then I think about the reality.  We went to 'The Hat' for dinner on Sunday night.  The meal consisted of a large Pastrami sandwich (with pickles and mustard) and onion rings.  Mommy and EG had water- Daddy had a soda.  I think, however, that this isn't a terrible dinner.  The pastrami isn't fried, and she didn't even eat the onion rings...

Oh, what's a mom to do...

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