Friday, November 15, 2013

Presents this holiday season

Have you already gotten all of your presents?  With Thanksgivukkah only a week or so away, it's a mad rush here to finish shopping, crafting, etc.

The honest truth is that I have presents for almost everyone in the family, except for little EG.  The Working Dad and I don't usually exchange presents- though this year he will be getting a very new, very expensive new DSLR camera on Black Friday. 

For EG, we've come to a sort of stall place.  I'm not exactly sure what to get my little 18month old.  We've determined that we don't like toys with electronics, or lots of sound and noise.  Not even so much because of the sound/noise- it's just that they seem very limiting to our little girl.  So what then will make a good present.

Here's the list so far:

New Shoes
New Socks
Bath toy game
Bath toy foam letters
magnetic letters for fridge
Color window blocks (if I can find them!)

So often though, for her, I feel like she gets lots of little things all the time.  And there isn't really anything that strikes me as a large gift.  She got a tricycle for her last large gift, and she ADORES it.  What can compare/be as loved as that.

Any suggestions?

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