Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Do you have the December Dilemma?

I've mentioned before that we are an interfaith family.   And I've mentioned here on the blog how upset and irrational I get over there being Christmas celebrations before Thanksgiving.

It seems that each year it gets a little more difficult.  Last year it was fairly simple.  EG was very young, to young to really know what was going on.  And this year's it's pretty much the same, though she wants to help light the menorah, and dances around in circles clapping her little hands when we sing songs.  Still, I know she doesn't 'get it.'

Celebrating the holidays would be so much easier if we lived somewhere were it snowed.  At least I tell myself that.  So much of the festivities- egg nog, apple cider, snowmen and snow angels.  Even holiday lights to light up the cold winter nights, would make much more sense somewhere other than here.  It's hard to figure out how to embrace the 'holiday' season when the sun is out, and frigid means it's in the high 60's.

What does a christmas tree mean?  I used to believe that having a Christmas tree sent a message to the world.  That message was that you celebrated Christmas and were a Christian.  Now, I'm not quite sure that's correct.

There are so many ways to express yourself today.  And one of the things that I want to teach EG is that it's okay to express yourself how you want to.  Even more importantly, you shouldn't make your choices based upon what other people think of them.

So, is it possible to embrace Christmas while still being Jewish?  Will EG be confused by her Jewish identity by being exposed to Christmas in our house?  She'll be exposed to it no matter what we do.  She'll always have cousins and family who celebrate, she'll most likely live in a country that is innundated with it during this time of the year.

Can we embrace the joy, peace and love of the season, without embracing the religiousness?


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