Monday, December 2, 2013

Just keep on moving...

Did you get a break this Thanksgiving?  Did you take some time to relax, be with family, and maybe put your feet up?

I, for one, am happy that Thanksgiving and Chanukah will NEVER AGAIN BE TOGETHER in my lifetime.

What a crazy and wild ride.  Not to mention the fact that it's already December.

Will you be participating in our Dressember?  I'm not going to lie- we don't have any pictures yet, because I completely forgot that it was December already.  In my mind I was going back to work in November.  So I promise, starting tomorrow, it's dresses and skirts for me and my girl :-)

But let's rewind- back to the crazy that was Thankgiving and Chanukah together.

Wednesday was lovely.  9 potatoes, 5 cousins and 2 bottles of martinelli's made the first night of Chanukah a success.  An enjoyable, impromptu get-together.  Just the right mix of fun and frivolity.

Thursday was crazy.  up fairly early, then down for Thanksgiving.  Supposed to eat at 3pm, which turned into 3:45pm- by which time EG was totally done sitting in a high chair.  Then we had thankgiving dessert, lit candles, opened presents and ate homemade desserts.  7 hours later, we finally left.

Friday was busy.  Working Dad had to work (well, he is working dad!) and then we had tickets to the Ducks Hockey game.  Follow that up with dinner with my immediate family (2 babies, 2 grandparents and 4 parents makes an interesting meal).  Presents and some confusion ensued. But EG loves her new babydoll.

Saturday was spent at home.  Except when we went to a chanukah brunch where they were 'frying' latke's like they were omelletes.  With 12 kids under 4 in attendance, a bit of a madhouse.  Then friends over for dinner, but Julia Child's chicken was FANTASTIC!

Sunday was cleaning and In-Laws.  Tidy up, leave the house, go to Grandpa's.  11 kids under 10, 15 adults, and chicken that made my stomach turn.  Crazy fun, but crazy exhausting.  Then little EG had just had enough, which made sleeping a disaster.

But here we are- December.  Only three more weeks of work, and then it's holiday time again!  We can do it!

Only a few more nights of Chanukah.  Tonight is the daycare party, not sure we are going.  Tomorrow is friends for dinner... then it's the eighth night... can't believe how quickly it comes and goes.

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