Monday, December 23, 2013

The Art of Reading

I recently stumbled across this article in The Tablet online magainze, whose headline made me think scary thoughts, but whose actual content was less than exciting.

However, right down at the end of the article is a very scary proposition:

"a woman who took it upon herself to “childproof” Harry Potter as she read it aloud to her son, making it less scary and more respectful of authority, even changing the text so that Voldemort didn’t kill Harry’s parents."

HOLY WHAT!  Now, don't get me wrong, I believe that as a parent you have an obligation to ensure that your child is reading appropriate material.  To different people that means different things, and to some families that means no Harry Potter at all (all that magical nonense, etc.).  However, taking a book and drastically changing the story line to edit out the scary parts or the parts you don't agree with... TRAVESTY.

Can you imagine what happens to this poor child when he innocently joins a conversation about Harry Potter?  How his entire reading of the book is in fact a falsehood of lies and misunderstandings?

What does he do when he finds out that the person who lied to him, who told him the story wrong, was his own mother...?

Ouch, just incredible.

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