Monday, December 9, 2013

Sick Sick, oh so sick

Goodness me, just getting our heads out of the sand!  What a difficult weekend we had, with nothing going on but family sickness.

We had plans, and some really good ones at that.  Unfortunately, that was not to be.  Not only was Working Dad sick (and I mean really sick!) but it rained all day on Saturday.

What do you get when you have one sick parent, one tired parent, and an energy filled toddler stuck indoors?  I wish I could tell you that we did wonderful Pinterest activities, but we didn't.  The house was a disaster and I only increased the craziness by baking cookies with EG.  But what a fun activity that was.

We got all the ingredients out, measured them into different bowls.  Yes, she did end up tasting a touch of raw egg, but what are you going to do sometimes :-)

Overall, the weekend wasn't a total disaster.  On Sunday we felt good enough to go to the park for an hour, then out to the Mall.  I got a free mini-facial at Origins...what fun!

Hope your weekend was better than ours!

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