Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our December Vacation

Have you ever taken a December vacation?  This will be our first time taking one with the extended family.  I'm quite excited, but also a little thrown.  We will be taking little EG on a Holland America Cruise.

We're cruising to the Carribbean, and it's actually the exact same trip (same route, same line, different boat) that we took on our babymoon when I was pregnant with her.  So, we know the lay of the land, and are excited to get to it.

My concerns relate to how to deal with the under-2 crowd on the ship.  I know she will need to nap, and that's all fine and dandy.  The best piece of advice I've gotten for that is to bring quiet activities for in the room- someone pointed out to me that my 'usual' activities for naptime (aka cleaning and cooking) won't need to get done.  Woot!  So, I'm going to work on my needlepoint for her.

Otherwise, I'm trying to figure out the logistics.  Anyone have any tips for traveling with toddlers?  Or any ideas about what to do while we are away?

We are going to San Jose, St. Thomas, Turks & Caicos, and a private island. 

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