Thursday, December 12, 2013

South Bay Alert: Stomach Bug

Have you caught this thing?  It's quite arrgessive, it seems to be everywhere, and is ruining the early holiday season for hunderds.

The stomach bug.  It starts with vomiting, then moves onto the other end of the digestive tract.  And it's mean... so so so mean.  When you think it's finally left you, it bite back.

It all started with Darling little EG.  So innocently.  She can't talk, so when she started throwing up the natural assumption was that it was food poisoning.  We try to be good, but who knows what that tiny human is putting in her mouth.  So, out goes all the food she touched or ate...

Turns out that the school was rampant with the bug.  5 other kids in her class alone had symptoms. Casualties included two chickens, one pot roast, and a whole lasagna into the trash for the supposed food poisoning. 

Then, it hit Working Dad.  And when it hit him, it came on full force.  At least little EG managed to have it and still smile, run to the swings and move on with her life.  Poor Working Dad was crawling from the couch to the bathroom at regular intervals.... all weekend long. The guy can't catch a break.

Then it moved to Mommy.  She thought she had avoided it- and though I didn't get the brunt of it, I got enough to spend 1.5 days out of work, and a frantic car ride stopping at every mall along the 405 freeway.

Have you gotten it? 

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