Friday, June 27, 2014

Beach Baby Turning Two in the Sand

This weekend my darling little EG turns two!  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by, and how much fun we've had over the last few years.

We decided on doing a beach party since virtually every single day EG asks to go to the beach.  she once tried to reason with Working Dad that it would be okay if they didn't go to the beach, she just needed to go to the pier...

I designed the invitation myself, using something I found on Etsy as a visual.  I like things to be bright and colorful, and this year I went a bit simpler than I usually do.... I created it in Photoshop just by adding different layers and using free images that I found and modified.

We're giving away beach buckets to each of the kiddos, so everyone has their own toys to play with at the beach.  I don't really believe in 'party favors' but for me it's not a favor, it's a necessity so everyone can play nicely at the beach.  They will each get a bucket, shovel, rubber ducky, extra impliment and a bottle of bubbles.  That way everyone has stuff to play with.

I'm keeping the decor and the food really simple.  I've bought some beach balls that we'll string up, and I'll be hanging balloons from the front door.  We bought a few buckets for the tables that I'll put flowers in, and I'll be using buckets for pretzels, chips, etc.

Being 38 weeks pregnant and throwing a birthday party isn't easy.  Thank G-d for helpful cousins (here's to you R&G) and helpful husbands!

I'll try to post some photos on Monday with an overview of the party.  Have a wonderful Shabbat and a great weekend!

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