Friday, June 20, 2014


I mentioned a few days ago that EG was graduating from her daycare class.  Yup, that's right, graduating.  While I'll admit that it seemed a bit strange to have a graduation ceremony, at the end of the day it was so cute, endearing and enchanting to attend.

I didn't think I could let the moment pass without at least sharing a tidbit of the action, so here's some of the fun from the event:

 These were taken early in the morning, since we live so close we were the first student in our class to arrive.  Which was wonderful- since that also meant that we didn't have to fight for parking, and got some good time to take some photos.

Of course, Mommy had to go upstairs to get settled for the ceremony, and EG didn't take that very well.  But we managed, and she stayed in her class with her teachers as her friends arrived.

The backdrop for graduation.  I was quite impressed by the whole thing- they had a section up front ropped off for all the children, and the front row reserved for the parents of the class that was performing.  Since EG's in the Infant Center, her class went first.  We took advantage and just parked ourselves in the front row from the beginning.

 All the kids got lined up onstage for the performance, and it was really cute to see them all together- most of them paying attention and really participating in the experience.

EG loves clapping, and when we were clapping for them, she spotted me and was SO excited to clap along.  They sang two songs, and I took a video, but since there are lots of other kids in it, and a few parents mention their kids names, I don't feel right posting it on the blog.  If you know me and want to see it, I'm happy to share directly.

They sang "Little Seed" and the ABC song.  In the video EG isn't really singing at all, but at home she's totally game for the exact same performance.  It was cute, since all the kids started laying on the floor since they were 'small.'

One of EG's other teachers, Amy.  She's a wonderful teacher, and absolutely inspiring.  You can see behind us along the wall was the gifts the classroom gave out to each of the kids- a photo collage of their year, a Father's Day present (the graduation was a few days before Dad's day) and an awesome nesting block set with a Jewish theme.  EG already loves it!

The last of EG's regular teachers.  The two year's she's spent in the infant center have been by far some of the most wonderful and exciting times we've had.  She's a very outgoing child, and watching her blossom and grow in class has been amazing. They've taught her so much, and it was so wonderful to have this awesome ceremony to end the year on.

I didn't take any photos of the food, but there was a lovely brunch following the ceremony, which had a great variety of bagels, kniches, fruit and desserts.  A wonderful day for all the kids at school.

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