Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jewish Inspired Gifts for a Two-Year Old

EG turns two next week!  I can't believe how quickly things have gone, and how much she's changed, grown and really turned into a kid from a baby.

While gifts are never necessary, I wanted to share some of the gifts that have been Jewish themed that EG really loves, and would be great for any two-year-old out there.
Jewish Nesting Blocks

These blocks are the Graduation gift that the school gave EG a few weeks ago, and they are absolutely wonderful.  They feature a Bible scene, an animal, a scene with a Jewish child, and a counting side with a Jewish twist (aka 10 mezzuzahs).  They all fit together, the colors are really vibrant, and the material is good quality.

I wouldn't get them for anyone younger than about two, since they are made of a cardboard material, which means that putting them in your mouth is a definite no-no.

This adorable Soft Torah scroll is a wonderful gift.  It can go for a child under two as well, but EG has definitely taken a distinctive liking to it now that she's older, and understands more what it is.

I also like that it's a great thing to bring out for the holidays, and for temple- when we go it's always appropriate to have a torah or two on hand, right?

We don't own these blocks, but we did buy some for a friend and I think they are wonderful. The colors are vibrant, the design is really nice and it's a great way to incorporate hebrew into everyday life.

They are bit more on the expensive side, but totally worth it if you want your kids to be invested in hebrew as a language.

This 'holiday bag' is a really great item to have.  It's one of EG's favorites, and will really help with the holidays this year.

It has velcro pieces for each of the holidays (aka candles for Chanukah, a leaf for the sukkah, etc.) and is really interactive.  EG has started to recognize the pieces and really engages with the book as an activity.

The Shira Kline line of CD's is a great gift for any kid, but I have found that now that EG is two, she's really starting to remember songs and want to sing them again.  She's still attached to the Passover songs (she sings the Hammer song all the time, and Dayeinu) so these haven't quite made their way to everyday, but putting on the CD, singing along, and watching her dance to the tunes is a really great thing.

There are LOTS of other CDs, but since we own this one I can speak highly of it.

The last 'gift' I would throw out there is a membership in PJ Library. I know I've talked about it before, but getting all the books has been a wonderful part of our Jewish life, and I know how much EG really appreciates them.  There are some PJ groups that will allow the books to be sent to a grandparents house, if you don't life in the area that's covered.  Definitely check that out.

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