Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moments in Motherhood: EG

This past month it seems like EG has just grown by leaps and bounds.  The things that come out of her little head seem to be leap year's ahead of where I thought she would be, and she comes up with the most exceptional things.

Quotes from this week:

We're reading her goodnight story:
EG: You take your glasses off go night night?  Daddy take glasses off go night night?

We're sitting eating dinner, Working Dad yawns:
Eg: Mommy we go for walk. Daddy, you get pajamas and go bed.  You tired Daddy, you go bed.

We are reading and Working Dad turns off the brighter light:
EG: Daddy- you turn off light?  You make me sad Daddy.

We've installed the carseat bases for B2 in each of the cars:
EG: Baby carseat- my baby needs to be strapped in.  This is for her.

We're walking along the pier and Working Dad has tried to move her along the pier:
EG: Daddy pushed me.  Don't push my body Daddy... don't push my body.

But my favorite by far:
We're about to go to bed, and she's just gotten out of the bath:
EG: My nose is running.
Mommy: Really? Where is it going?
EG: Um.... the beach.

I'm amazed by her event recall.  Last week on Wednesday her friend Mor was over visiting and playing.  She tripped on a toy, and EG keeps recalling the experience "Mor fell in my playspace.  She needs ice."

I just can't believe how incredible she is, and how much of a child she's becoming.  She's no longer my little baby- she's turning into such a kid that I don't know what to do about it...

Is your little growing up to fast?

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