Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Today marks 4 years of being married to my wonderful husband, Working Dad.  While he hasn't always been thought of as Working Dad in my household, he's always been the one for me.

I don't think I've told our story, so here goes nothing...

Working Dad and I went to the same high school, him being two years ahead of me (aka the same graduating class as my sister).  We got to know each other through choir and drama class.  They needed someone to pull the curtains, and I didn't want to pay $10 to see the choir shows.  So, we started working together my freshman year- him as stage manager, me as stage hand.  Of course, I couldn't drive, and my sister didn't care about choir shows, so Working Dad used to drive me home at night after the shows were over.

Somewhere in that time he started dating/courting my best friend Becky.  While that relationship was short-lived, it did allow the two of us to get to know each other better.

He would call me up, take me out to Diedrich's coffee down by the tide pools in Laguna Beach.  Or we'd go for long drives to Ruby's diner for shakes (still a hangout spot of ours- where EG had her first kids meal!).

Yes, there is an embarrassingly colorful entry into his yearbook from my sophomore self when he left for college.

For some reason, despite his being at college, we still kept in touch.  He'd come down for breaks and we'd hang out.  My parents must have been crazy!  Letting me go for coffee with a college dude!

Off I went to college- away away to Pittsburgh.  He didn't follow, but when we were home for breaks we'd get together and hang out.  This whole time our relationship is nothing but a friendship.  No kissing, no handholding, nothing.

Fast forward through the end of college and I finally land back in Southern California (more specifically at the doorstep of my first job at USC).  We start to date, and are finally a couple.  I won't get into the nitty gritty, but we have a few years of ups and downs.  Working Dad goes through gradschool, we break up, we stay friends, and eventually he graduates.

Funny story, during this time I actually proposed to him!  During leap year of 2008 I asked him on the phone if he would marry me.  I know, what a wonderful proposal (he did MUCH better at proposing than I did).  He told me he would have to think about it...

He gets his first job and two days after moving into his new apartment he asks me if we can be a couple again.  And then two years after that we walk down the aisle together.

At this time four years ago I was up getting showered, hanging with my girlfriends (and bridesman!  Happy Birthday Bridesman!), and relaxing the morning away.  He was sleeping, and one of his buddy's wives was realizing there was no food in the house (thanks for feeding the boys Becca!)

I'm so so so so happy that he married me.  I'm so happy that we're together, on this journey, and that we've created the life that we have, including those that have only come into the world through our union.

Here's to many more years, many more tears, and many more cheers! I love you!
From our river rafting engagement...

To our beach side wedding...

To our beach side home....

To the newest addition to our family...
 Thank you, for everything.

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