Monday, July 7, 2014

All the bags are packed....

Of course, that doesn't mean anything to the baby!

I've gotten to the point where I'm packing my bag for the impending delivery.  Yes, this probably should have been done at least a week or so ago, but that's the way the cookie crumbles around here.

This time I have more than just myself to think about- EG will have to have a bag packed as well, since who knows when/how labor will start.

We've lined up my cousins around the corner to watch her initially, then depending upon circumstances she might stay with them and go to school, or get picked up by some of the grandparents.  Over and over I hear about how important it is to keep her routine, so I'm hoping that she gets to go to school with all her friends while we're in the hospital.

Here's what I'm packing for EG:

Diapers- obviously she'll need enough to get through a few days, and my cousin's don't normally stock those.  So, I'm thinking about 20 to start with.  They have keys to our house in case they need more, and daycare has them stashed there too.

Outfits- she'll need enough to get through 3-4 days, including PJs.  If she stays at my cousins they may bring her back here to sleep, or they may just keep her at their house in the Pack N Play.  I think 5 outfits, a jacket and 5 PJ's should be enough...

Blanket- she LOVES her blanket. I've already told you that she's my little Linus. There are two blankets that are at home, at school, her everything.  However, she's adaptable, and any blanket still does okay.  so I'll pack one of her smaller blankets to ensure we have one on hand, then hope we remember to send one when she leaves.

Bottle/sippy- she's still drinking from what she calls a Baba in the morning and the night time.  It's actually a straw sippy, and she can drink from any cup with a straw, but when your parents are missing I think the extra of a sippy is good.

Bib- she's still a 'fun' eater, as you can see from her birthday cupcake session.  While not entirely necessary, she feels better when she has a bib too.

We have three bags all packed and ready for the hospital.  I haven't quite decided whether I should pre-delivery EG's stuff to my cousins, or just wait until the right moment.  I'm leaning towards predelivery- what do you think?

I packed my own bag, and so did Working Dad- so it seems like we're all ready to go.  I worry about what he packed (he didn't have enough food or clothes last time) but I'm trying to let him do his own thing....

We finally bought a new outfit to bring B2 home from the hospital in, so I'll need to wash that and make sure it gets into the bag.  Plus some of those baby socks.  I haven't given much thought to anything B2 needs...

What did you pack for the hospital?  Anything stick out that I should make sure I have?

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