Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcome Ocho!

Sorry to have been MIA- you may have guessed that it's because B2 has decided to enter the world.  Without further ado- I humbly introduce OCHO:

It was a worldwind delivery (6 hours from wake-up in bed, to delivery of baby!) and a wonderful natural birth.  I'll tell the whole story later this week.

She was delivered at 9lbs, 5oz, so a large little girl.  Both of us are totally healthy, happy, and recovering at home. 

Exuberant Girl seems to be loving Little Ocho so far, and all is well with the family at home.  EG has been going to school regularly, and we've been holed up in the house since returning yesterday afternoon.

Sorry I'm not writing much, but Ocho is crying in the background, so it seems it's time to eat.

Why Ocho you ask?  She's granddaughter number 8 on my husband's side, and it seems a bit better than to continue calling her B2.  Until we know a little more about her and can settle on a better blog name for her.

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