Thursday, July 24, 2014

Simchat Bat

Since we've delivered a baby girl, we've had to start thinking about her baby naming.  Unlike a bris, a girls baby naming doesn't really have a specific tradition. 

For EG we waited until she was a year old, and had her Simchat Bat at her birthday party.  It made for a very, very long day, but it was quite an enjoyable experience, and definitely made it a special occasion for us and the family.  We waited partly because we weren't ready, and partly because once we thought we were ready, both Grandma and my Aunt were dying, and it didn't seem right to be hosting a big celebration knowing they weren't going to be able to celebrate. 

This time, we have lots of options.  Typically there seem to be a few different options that are common:

1. On the 8th day.  This is echoing the circumcision of a newborn boy, and really plays to the covenant aspect of having a Jewish child.  Why wait if you can do it?

2. First Shabbat after Baby is born.  This seems to be the most standard, and depending on the temple is either the Friday night service, or less commonly at the Saturday service.  The family is called up to the bimah, and celebrated at the occasion.

3. Rosh Chodesh.  Since this is a holiday focusing on women and girls, it seems to be a popular choice for a baby naming ceremony.  It also gives a little more time to celebrate, but depending on where it falls might make for a mid-week celebration.

4.  Any other time you want to.   Since it's not a halacha ritual event, when you host it really means very little.  There's something nice about establishing your own family traditions....

We haven't figured out what we're going to do.  There's no chance of us doing it on Friday, since that would be tomorrow and we're totally not ready.

I'm personally leaning towards either doing it at about a month, or doing it when she turns 1 year old, like we did with EG.

Did you have a Simchat Bat for your daughter?


  1. Love the HA jammies - I really want to get a set for my future niece or nephew. From what I understand Baptism is similar, in my faith that you can do it whenever, we did both our boys at 1 month (some Christians need to do ASAP and some have age requirements). So a month sounds good to me, it give you as parents a chance to prepare (drop some of the pregnancy weight so you're not stuck in a maternity dress), and I don't know if there is a party afterwards, gives you a chance to plan properly. Either way congrats, she's beautiful!

  2. Thanks Amy- I think we are leaning towards one year. Not what the rabbi wanted to hear, but I think it's nicer to take the time and get to know her and then choose a name that makes more sense, given her personality etc. Thanks for the congrats- and yes, we TOTALLY love HA! They make such great clothing, I'm a bit obsessed.


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