Thursday, July 31, 2014

Water Play- the summer savior!

It's a constant request of EG's to play out in the water.  Since finding Alondra park, she's asked to go to the water park almost as much as she asks to go to the beach (aka daily!)

Thank goodness we have our water table and those buckets.  When I made it, I didn't do anything fancy, but give the girl a bucket and some water and she's totally engaged for hours.

As you can see, EG doesn't even need the water table part, just a bucket, a shovel and some water will do.  She can spend literally an hour or more just enjoying the water, and thank goodness, since it's been so hot this summer.

When she kept asking to play with the water I got a little nervous, because I kept thinking that I wasn't a very creative mom.   I tried to make sure that we visited a few parks, museum, etc. but whenever I asked what she wanted to do, she wanted to play with water.

 I can't imagine what our water bill has looked like these past few months.  At least we're not UCLA....

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