Monday, July 14, 2014

Love in the little things

We've been married now for 4 years, and yet I'm still astonished by how much the little things matter.  Now that EG is two, it's amazing how perceptive she can be, and how much little actions can make huge impacts on all of us.

It's that when I come to bed he's pulled back the covers for me, gotten a towel for my wet hair, and made the room nice and cozy.

It's that when I tell her I'm tired, she brings me to my bed, tucks me in, says 'night night mommy- I close door now.'

It's that when she accidently steps on my toes, and I say ouch she asks if I need ice or a blanket.

It's when I'm totally exhausted he takes her to the grocery store, so I can sit, relax and rest just a little bit longer.

It's his planning his parents to babysit, choosing the movie he knows I'll like, despite the fact that it's his birthday and the day should be about him, not me.

That each time he goes to Trader Joe's with her the two of them pick out flowers for mommy- beautiful arrangements that adorn my kitchen over the week.

With all the people we know we are getting married, getting engaged, and having babies all I can say is that it's the little things that count.  Never forget that.

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