Monday, August 25, 2014

Conversations with EG

In the past few days I've had quite a few conversations with EG that have caught me totally off guard.

Into the Book:
We were sitting in the bathroom, EG on the potty me reading stories.  You know, as you do when potty training, and suddenly EG says "I go in there."  In where honey?  "I go in there.  I want to go in there."  Oh, in the story.  Honey, we can't go inside of a picture in a book.  We can go there in our imagination, we can pretend to be the bears in the story.  We can dress up like the bears and act out the scene.  "No, I go in there.  Daddy can fix it."  Daddy can fix what?  "Daddy will fix it."

She's so convinced that she can affect the items inside of a book- she also tried to knock over a stack of blocks in a picture book.  She hits the book, and I'm not exactly sure what to say to convince her that she can't affect the picture.

Feed my Baby:
Somehow, in all the conversations I thought I would have with EG, the fact that she would want to take off her shirt and feed Ocho never really seemed to factor in.  I contemplated that she would want to drink breast milk herself.  I thought that she would be angry about the time that Ocho gets with Mommy.  I thought that she would want to taste Mommy's milk too.  But never did I think that she would want to take off her shirt and feed either Ocho or her dollies.  Since she brought it up, I gather that it's actually really common.

I told her that she could feed her baby dollies, or her teddy bear.  Luckily she dropped it fairly fast.  She has done very well with understanding and remembering that she shouldn't touch the babies head when she's eating, only her feet.

Yeah Mommy Yeah:
We're working on EG being Potty trained.  I like to say we are doing it diligently, but the reality is with a new little one, it's to hard to try to get her to the potty and breastfeed.  However, we definitely encourage it, spend lots of time reading books on the potty (see above) and celebrating successes.

This leads me to the conversation: EG "You go on the potty mommy" Yes, EG I did go pee-pee on the potty this morning. "Yeah Mommy" clap clap clap "Yeah Mommy- you a big girl- you such a big girl."  Good to know my achievements are being recognized!

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