Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Redondo Beach Fish Market

This past week we took  a walk on the wild side an took the whole gang to the Redondo Beach pier.  It's totally unlike either the Manhattan Beach pier, or the Hermosa Beach pier, in that it's a busy fish market, with a ton of stuff going on. It's a circular pier, and it's a wonderful place to visit.

When we go to the Redondo Beach pier our primary purpose is to eat at the fish market- which we totally love.  It's an amazingly good time, but certainly not something that everyone would take too. 

 This is our table, after dinner. We had a whole fish cooked to order, their vegetable side dish, and Working Dad bought some steamed squid.  Suprisingly the first time we came here, EG's favorite dish was the squid.  She wasn't so interested this time, but that may be the fault of the french fries. 

If you've never been there, you might be surprised/confused by the newspaper on the table.  You can see in the picture there are other tables with it.  This isn't 'gourmet' eating, rather it's messy and a touch gross, typically with crab shells or oyster shells all around.  Hence the newspaper, it helps keep the tables cleaner for everyone.

 Of course Ocho came with us- her first trip here.  She tried to sleep through it, but once she smelled the fish she was hungry too!

I should mention that there are at least three fish markets in the area, but we always eat at "Quality Seafood Live."  You go through and actually pick out your fish and seafood, from live oysters they shuck in front of you, to all sorts of fish and shrimp and crab.  Again, not much on service (you pick up your own food) but great on quality and price.

They also serve beer, so it's a nice place to sit, relax and people watch.

It draws a very interesting crowd.  If I'm honest, it tends to draw a large Asian and Hispanic crowd.  And they tend to be polar opposites of each other.  Above is a couple with a Louis Vuitton bag, eating sea aneome and crab.  Very posh.

But inches away are another family- coming with their bag from Walmart.  It attracts all kinds, and is really quite an interesting gathering of the people of Redondo and the surrounding area.

Here's our family photo- so adorable as we all enjoyed our night out at the pier/on the town.

And of course, no trip to this part of Redondo would be complete without a trip to the churro lady for a 'sweet' treat. Then a walk down the circular pier, that always completes the evening.

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