Wednesday, August 6, 2014

EG as a Big Sister

When we started talking about having our second child there were lots of pieces of advice people gave us about having baby #2.  Most of it revolved around how to make sure that baby number 1, EG, didn't feel usurped, or unloved.  As a second born child, I have to admit I thought that most of it was over exageration.  But, everyone was saying it, so I was sure that we would see a truly jealous EG, and have some issues with sibling rivalry right from the start.

While I realize that Ocho is still vey young, and it's only been a few weeks for EG to be a big sister, so far, I've been really impressed.

She loves to see her baby sister.  Each morning before she leaves for school she insists on seeing both me and Ocho.  If only to see us with her eyes, since Working Dad reminds her to be quiet.  Each day when she comes home it's virtually the first word out of her mouth to ask where her sister is.  Any time I put Ocho in the swing (which she hates) or the bouncer (which she's good with) EG insists on sitting next to her, swinging her, bouncing her, rocking her.

She gets me water, she gets Ocho a blanket, and she loves to kiss her little sister too.  

 We've replaced the box of diapers with one of EG's chairs, and anytime baby is in the swing, there is EG, rocking her, pushing her.  She's gotten quite good at gentle and recognizing that no, Ocho doesn't want to go higher....

Then comes night time. While this picture is from during the day, each night I sit both girls on my lap and they get their story read and we sing them a song.  EG is so sweet, she kisses Ocho good night, tells her she loves her, and says good night.

When we drive in the car and Ocho is fussy, EG says "baby crying.  I here baby.  Shhh, it's okay baby."

What a wonderful big sister you are EG.  Mommy is so proud of you, your big heart and your amazing smile.

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  1. Yay!!! So proud of EG and how well she has accepted the role of big sister. Being the oldest can be a challenge, but it defines one's life like nothing else can. <3


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