Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crazy Days

WEll, I think I owe you all an apology.  I promised an update on the Challah, not to mention my usual daily posts during the week.

I'll chalk it all up to one heck of a crazy weekend, followed-up by a sick sick Working Dad and too many little girls on my hands.

So, let's review.

The Challah:  Honestly, it's totally not worth it.  They look pretty, but don't make the cut.  This definitely isn't the recipe that I'll be using as my standard.  While it did turn out to be quite light and fluffy, it wasn't very tasty.  It would be fine as sandwich bread, but we don't want sandwich bread, we want Challah!  Working Dad and EG agree- Skip it!

Entertaining EG: her latest conversation with me-
EG:  You go pee pee on the potty mommy?
Me:  Yes, EG, yes I did go pee pee on the potty.
EG: Yeah Mommy!  Yeah Mommy (clap clap clap) You such a big girl Mommy.  Yeah Mommy!

EG: I need my shirt off
Me: Why honey?
EG:  I need to feed my dolly milk- my baby need milk too.  When can I feed my baby?

Her other things:
"Same-Same": as in, Hava has a baby brother, I have a baby sister- Same Same!  I'm drinking my milk, Susie has her mommy milk- Same Same.

The Ocho: savior of a Working Dad!
I'd been sort of loosing it at night time, with The Ocho eating every two hours from about 11pm or midnight on.  Seems okay, except it means that my sleeping has been limited to 1.5 hour sessions, and then most of those with her asleep on my body.  Grr... but last night, Working Dad saved the day.  He took Ocho at 2am, put her to bed in her cradle and slept on the couch until she woke up at 5am.  That means that I got sleep alone in bed from 10pm-1am, then again from 2am-5am.  AMAZING!

Sorry we're so light on pictures this week.  This exhaustion thing is sort of kicking my ass...

I'm having one of those weeks where you feel like you're doing a ton, but the reality is that everything is sort of half done.  The clean laundry stacked in the bathroom, the half-made mobile for Ocho's room, the 6 started, unfinished blog posts, and the stack of baby announcements sitting without stamps....

It's okay Mamma, we're going to make it.

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  1. Amazing that you're blogging or baking Challah at all with a three week old and a two year old. Love the toddler conversations. Hang in there!


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