Monday, August 18, 2014

Differences in our Days

This morning was my first day staying home with both girls.  And since it's not quite over yet (who am I kidding, I'm writing this starting at 1:20pm, anywhere from 4-5 hours before my solo day is over!) I can say that it's been going okay.

When Working Dad got up this morning to go to work, I couldn't help but think about how different our days were going to be.  And how jealous I was of his.  It's unfortunate that I've been so dang scared of having both of them by myself, because I don't think I've had a moment to really enjoy myself today.

So let's review how our days are going to go:
He's going to get up, get showered, dressed, changed.  He doesn't eat breakfast (he never does) but he'll have something at work.  He kisses me, says goodbye to EG and heads out.  He didn't worry about anyone else's shoes- no one else tried to pick out his outfit.  He just chose his clothes, and walked away.

He'll get to work and have time to drink at least a cup of tea- likely several.  He'll sit at this desk and talk with adults.  No, not all the conversations will be pleasant, but at least he's assured that they will speak to him in English, that he'll be able to understand them, and that when he talks to them they will understand him.  It's very unlikely that someone will cry or scream at him.

He'll work the morning away- go to several meetings.  Again, these might not be pleasant, but he'll get through them. He works with numbers, so while he's sitting at his desk he'll answer his e-mails, and probably work on a few different reports for different divisions around the office.

Sometime between noon-2pm he'll decide he's hungry.  Most days that means he'll leave the office, get in his car and decide where he wants to go for lunch.  He may meet up with a friend, or bring someone from the office.  He'll have just about complete control over what he eats.  He'll spend that time either alone, or with someone he moderately likes while eating.  He'll have a chance to step away and have some adult conversation.

From there, it's back to the desk. Probably a few more meetings.  Then he'll work on some projects.  I'm sure there will be some frustrations as bosses make dumb decisions, the people under him can't get their work done, etc. but all in all a reasonable day.

Around 5pm he'll start to think about coming home.  He'll pack up his stuff (a wallet, keys, and sunglasses) and head out the door.  On the way home he'll listen to the radio, enjoying whatever music he wants to. 

Luckily for him, dinner will be done when he gets here.  He'll have 2 hours with EG (or so) and then maybe a few more with Ocho before they are both asleep for the night (okay, Ocho will get up several times, but Mommy usually deals mostly with those).

And when I think about his day- his cups of tea, his lunch, I'm totally jealous.

I got up with EG.  I temporarily left Ocho sleeping on our big bed- which terrifies me, but if I can get EG up, changed, give her milk and put her in her play space so I can take a shower before Ocho wakes up, I know I'll be ahead of the curve, so I do it anyways.  She can't roll over, she has clear breathing lines, and if all heck breaks loose she can only roll into her co-sleeper...

I did manage to shower this morning, and our big plan is to head to the Alondra water park.  EG loves it and has been begging for it almost daily.  So, that's the plan.

I make lunch for us to take to the park.  I start on dinner (crock-pot bell peppers).  I manage to eat a bowl of cereal while nursing Ocho at the table.  While I'm doing those things, EG is in between my legs and we're singing the 'ABC' Song.  I don't even attempt to boil water for tea, between cooking the turkey for dinner, packing up lunch, helping burp Ocho, and letting EG choose clothing to wear.

Finally around 9:45 we get out the door. Immediately Ocho is crying. Bawling.  Wailing about being in her car seat.  I keep going, because if I don't we won't ever get to Alondra.

We get there, and I put Ocho in the Lillebaby carrier.  This causes EG to start wailing, because that's her backpack, and she wants to be carried like a baby.  But I convince her that we're going in the water, and she really wants to walk.

With Ocho on me, I get EG changed in her swimwear.  Alondra goes well.  We play in water for about an hour, I nurse Ocho, then EG plays on the swing and the slide.  Around 11:30am we leave.  I have two more tantrums from EG about leaving.

Luckily for me, Ocho transfers to the car seat just fine, so I get EG a quick shower before nap.  Just as I put EG down, Ocho wakes up.  And I nurse her, play with her, tummy time, etc. Until just now- 1:30pm.  When I expect EG to wake up anytime in the next 5-30minutes.  So, here I am, trying to take advantage of my few minutes of me time to write on my blog.

I expect that the rest of my afternoon will be playing with EG outside on the slide- maybe having a visit from Hava and Judy.  But mind, the only adult conversation I've had have been about 15 minute snipits with random women at the park.  And the only alone time I'll have until tonight in bed is right now...

And that's why I'm jealous of him...

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  1. It will get easier. Ocho will eat less often, and in a few weeks she will have regular meal and nap times. She is only three weeks old! EG will communicate in a more articulate way, become accustomed to having the baby around, and her conversation will be more interesting as she grows. And you will eventually get more sleep at night, and that makes the biggest difference of all!


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