Friday, August 15, 2014

Remember New Mothers....

Remember that they were inside you for 9 months.

Remember that in 9 months they will likely be able to crawl.

Remember that at 2am and all you want to do is sleep, all they want in the world is you.... your smell, your touch, your voice.  All they have known in this world...

Remember that it's a short timespan.  That this...

Becomes this... before you know it.

Remember that despite the long nights, she is looking into your eyes with love.

Remember that you created those eyes, and those toes- you, her dad and G-d.

Remember that you've sustained her life since it was conceived, and if you are breastfeeding all she's ever had to sustain her was you.

Remember that she's not demanding you to be selfish.

Remember that she's not in it for anything.

Remember that sometimes it's okay to let her cry- that the carseat must be buckled, and the trip to the bathroom by yourself when you thought she was asleep won't cause her to think she's unloved.

Remember that you have support- that family, those friends, all those people who love all of you.

Remember.  At two am, know that I'm remembering for you.

Shabbat Shalom- may your night be wonderful, and your Shabbat be restful...

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